We Need More Women Leaders in Partnerships

Most VPs and executives in business development and partnerships are men. Women in Partnerships is helping to change that by building an inclusive community within Partnership Leaders to safely discuss shared experiences, learn best practices, and find support for successfully navigating and elevating our careers.

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Why Join and Support Women in Partnerships

Women in Partnerships is co-led by Joni Deus of Mailchimp, Jennifer Richey of Vena Solutions, and Kelly Sarabyn of HubSpot. To join Women in Partnerships, you must be a member of Partnership Leaders and a woman or non-binary. But real change requires broad support from allies and organizations. Reach out to us if you're interested in supporting our mission.

Networking with other women in partnerships
Safe space for tackling personal and professional challenges
Amplify women's voices in the industry, including your own
Receive and provide mentorship

Mentor Program

Mentorship can change careers and lives. It can also help to change the gender leadership disparity. Our first mentor cohort will be launching the first week of October 2022. You must be a Partnership Leaders member to join. Let us know if you are interested in participating.
Group 46
Learn Best Practices
Mentors will be matched so you can learn or share best practices in your area of domain expertise.
Group 47
Ask the Hard Questions
The Women in Partnerships mentor program is designed to be a safe space to ask real questions.
Group 48
Personal and Professional Growth
Whether you're aiming to be an executive or land your first people management role, mentorship can help you prosper.
Group 49
Create Lasting Networks
In partnerships, relationships matter. Create a strong connection with your mentor or mentee.

Amplifying Women's Voices

There are already so many incredible women leaders in partnerships. One of our core goals is to amplify these experts' presence across the industry, through speaking engagements, events, and thought leadership. Showcasing women leaders in partnerships helps to dismantle stereotypes and biases about what a partnership leader looks and sounds like.

If you're a woman in partnerships or channel who is interested in speaking at events, please add your name to our list here. You can also help by sharing the form with your colleagues and networks.


Women in Partnerships Spotlight Series

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Sarit Chalamish, Monday

“I can say in the last two partner roles that I’ve come from, it was all male. The entire industry I was managing partnerships in was very male-dominated in supply chains and logistics. Having a woman semi-intelligently speak about warehouse systems was surprising to people. I think specifically because we’re speaking in the framework of tech, that’s another thing I’m always pushing myself on is to understand the technology and be as smart as I can on it.”

Read the full interview with Sarit here


Tori Clearbanc

Tori Piccin, Clearbanc

“There have been moments in my career where there were great female mentors. There were also times when I’ve seen female leaders who didn’t quite understand the impact they have in shaping the next generation. I think it’s important to acknowledge that even if you don’t see it, people are looking up to you.”

Read the full interview with Tori here


Joni Deus


Joni Deus, Mailchimp

“Whether you’re more junior or senior in your partnership career, I always recommend networking with people outside your organization. It gives you alternate approaches and viewpoints from your own perspectives. Learning about how others tackle goals and problems, gives you more to draw from and better shape your style. Take the time to seek out partnership leaders from industries different from your own. Different industries can approach partnerships very differently and those insights can give a unique perspective that you could use to relate to your specific industry of partnerships.”

Read the full interview with Joni here

Women in Partnerships Ebook

Read women's stories of working in partnerships and get advice on navigating the industry.
Group 46
Real life stories
Hear the stories of women who have risen to the top of the partnerships field.
Group 47
Get advice on how to navigate your own career and find personal and professional success.
Group 48
The value of mentors
Understand how important mentorship is and the ways it can further your career.
Group 49
New strategies for success
Learn about new ways to approach your career that have worked for other professional women in the field.

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